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The IDF program, which began in 2006, helpsyoung men and women living in residential group homes prepare for recruitment, from the period before they receive the first call-up papers until actual induction into the army. The staff assists the young people through all stages: interviews and testing, suitable assignments, social conditions during service and the like.
We aim to ensure that the majority of candidates who are able to serve are indeed recruited, complete a full service and integrate fully into civilian life afterwards.
Six residential group homes take part in the program. Each is assigned a special contact person who works with the program center at Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children, which in turn deals with the relevant IDF offices. Good working relations have been developed with the IDF recruitment centers and testing departments to assure a positive recruitment process.
Every year the program handles 150 IDF candidates living in residential group homes, and follows their progress for about 2 years.
We are now working on developing measures to evaluate the program. We are also using the lessons drawn from the experimental program and disseminating them to all the residential group homes as well as those in charge of recruitment and follow-up in the IDF.
We are also in the process of preparing a manual for all the residential group homes.


Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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