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Some 450 volunteers – across the country - operate within the organization’s framework, covering various voluntary work areas,
for the home children. 

Voluntary possibilities
Hosting family
This can be a family with children, or whose children have already left the home, but have the parenting experience. A boarding child is referred to the family for weekend hosting (once a fortnight). The family will provide the child with security, consistency and connection while setting an example of normative family functioning. This family is not supposed to replace the biological family (if there is one) and by definition is a “hosting family”.
A child’s friend
Is an adult who connects with a boarding child and become a model for adult-child connection, positive, consistent and continuous. The purpose of this voluntary task is to provide the children with correctional experience, after having had negative contacts with adults and/or lacking a significant adult role model.
Help with homework
Volunteers who will be attached to educational resource centers, with the objective of assisting those children with learning difficulties, in areas such as Math, English, Hebrew Language and Computers.
Friends ring
These are groups of volunteers, usually connected (social groups or a group of people from one work place). These groups will be attached to a home and form a ring of friends to that home. The group endeavors to respond on practical content level (fun days, trips, birthday gifts, etc.), as well as a personal connection with the child. In parallel, the group will be active in the various home activities, turning to play an important role in the home relations with the community.
Help with home maintenance
These volunteers assist the home in a variety of ways: maintenance, gardening, support of the computer systems, help in the home’s offices, etc.
This function requires the volunteer to assist in driving the children to clinics and tests. It is carried out mainly during morning hours.
There are volunteers assisting in fundraising and/or collection of donations for “Yeladim - Fair chance for children”.
Assistance with computers
This involves the instruction of children and team members in the use of computers and software, technical support and computer maintenance, at homes, around the country, or assistance in documentation and data in-put at the council’s offices in Tel Aviv.

In addition to all the above, we connect volunteers with the homes, according to the volunteer’s qualifications and skills – such as: photographers, lecturers, tour guides, etc.

The process
The volunteers, applying to “Yeladim - Fair chance for children” are asked to fill out a questionnaire (only filled out
applications are responded to).
The volunteer is placed with a home, as per the home’s needs and according to the data in the questionnaire. The volunteer is invited for screening, acquaintance and suitability – to the home – examination. The qualification process and follow up of activities, is carried out by the home.
Active volunteers are insured by “Yeladim - Fair chance for children” and the data is kept at the council.

For voluntary work, please apply to Aya Glickman, the volunteers’ coordinator at:

Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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