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Cultural Enrichment
Cultural Enrichment

The cultural enrichment program is designed to familiarize the children in residential group homes with art and culture by providing them opportunities to attend performances in different art media, such as theater, dance and movement, literature and poetry, visual arts and film.
Most of the performances are held in the group homes. Artists, some of them well known, come to the homes to perform for the children in a structured art encounter of about one hour. The children watch the performance and sometimes the artist invites them to take an active part, as part of the program.

After the performance, the artist holds an intimate, spontaneous discussion with the children, who may ask questions about the specific field of art represented, the performance or the artist's life.
    העשרה אמנותית תרבותית ילדים בסיכוי
A cultural enrichment encounter
with theater for children in
residential group homes
In addition, the children attend large performances such as plays, concerts or dance recitals in the community. An appropriate repertoire is selected for each residential group home, including 4-6 cultural enrichment sessions in the course of the school year.
These activities may include many children. Sometimes all the children in a residential group home attend, and sometimes they are divided into two or three age groups.

Omanut Le'am awarded the 1998 Roaming Cylinder Prize to Yeladim–Fair Chance for Children for their impressive development of use of the arts as a tool to improve the condition of children in the residential group homes.

Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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