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Parent - Child Camps
The Oded Child–Parent Camp (named in honor of the late Oded Messer)

Parent - Child Camps

In addition to the groups operated in the residential group homes, Yeladim–Fair Chance for Children runs summer camps in a pressure-free atmosphere. The specially trained staff is constantly available to the parents and children and a variety of non-threatening activities are offered. The work on relationships is done in an indirect and projective manner, by means of shared enjoyable and positive experiences.

Social workers and group leaders from the residential group homes staff the camp 24 hours a day, providing positive support at moments of crisis.

Spending time together at the pool, at an amusement park, on fun-and-games evenings, and in therapeutic activities, reading a bedtime story and eating together are all activities that most of the families have not experienced in the past.
    קיטנת הורים ילדים       
A meeting of love
   קייטנת הורים ילדים   
A mother and her daughters at the
Touch and Contact workshop held at Yeladim's Child–Parent Summer Camp
 At the camp these and other experiences create good memories that serve the participants in hard times, as well.
* Due to the limited budget, this year we were only able to hold one session of the camp and to support the Family Ties Program in just one residential group home.


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