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The Sports Program
The Sports Program

The Sports Program encompasses all the residential group homes and offers a broad range of sports – soccer, basketball, tennis, swimming, martial arts and self-defense, adventure sports, bike riding, therapeutic horseback riding, exercises and athletics. It is designed for all age groups, corresponding to relevant characteristics and special needs, from preschool to the oldest teenagers before their army recruitment.
The purpose of the program is to enable children a regular framework for varied sports activities, physical and emotional development, use of leisure time and personal excellence.
             ספורט ילדים בסיכוי  
Photo taken at the Alumim
residential group home as part
of the My Album project.

Regular physical activity can contribute to improved concentration, self-confidence, achievements, discipline, orderliness and sense of fairness, as well as reducing violent tendencies and developing teamwork and cooperation, general physiological functioning, appearance, hygiene and overall health.
The Sports Program includes construction of an infrastructure of appropriate facilities and equipment that are accessible to the children and training a professional staff, including a position for residential group home sports coordinator.
As part of the program, over 50 residential group homes have opened soccer schools in collaboration and with the funding of Hapoel Keter Tel Aviv club. There is close cooperation with the Israel Tennis Center, including regular joint Jewish–Arab sports activities for children in residential group homes of both sectors, accompanied by social activities.


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