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Eighty-five percent of the council’s budget is obtained from donations: through foundations, private individuals, community organizations and commercial enterprises.

Your donation will help us in our continuous effort to improve the care, education and treatment of disadvantaged children who grow up in residential group care away from their families.

You can choose to support one of our vert special projects or sponsor a child in one of our programs.

 Forms of payment:

  • Online:  secured.israelgives.org/donate/yeladim
  • By check
    Please make check payable to: Yeladim –  Fair Chance for Children
    11 Hrugey Malchut, Tel Aviv 69714 ISRAEL.
  • By the P.E.F
    Contribution from the US (tax deductible) can be transmitted through:
    P.E.F - Israel Endowment Funds Inc.
    630 Third Avenue Suite 1501
    New York, N.Y. 10017
    Tel. (212)599-1260    Fax. (212)599-5981
    Please indicate that the contribution is for "Yeladim - Fair Chance for Children".  
  • By Last Will and Testament donation to "Yeladim - Fair Chance for Children".
  • By our Art Store.

“Make a Child Smile” Certificate »
Make a child smile   A Gift that is a Contribution.

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Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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