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My Album
My Album

Purpose of the Project
The children living in residential group homes do not have family albums documenting their growth and development. In most cases they enjoy the devoted care of staff members and visiting educators, but they do not benefit from any other personal attention.
The project offers a form of personal attention, by emphasizing the personality of each child as an individual within the group and reinforcing the child's self-confidence and self-image.

Project Aims

  To create an personal album for each participant (the project enables every child to keep
       mementos that create a sense of past and belonging).

  To help develop the children's sense of responsibility, dividing the responsibility for
       photographing and creating the album between the photographer and the child.

  To highlight the personal uniqueness of each child.

  To reinforce inner strength and self-image in a practical manner.
  1. The children are involved in the process of choosing, organizing and setting goals.
  2. The children are active participants and not just objects of the process.
  3. The project connects to the child's strengths, talents and abilities.
  4. The project connects to the emotional aspects of love, aspirations and dreams.
  5. Emphasis is placed on personal uniqueness.
  6. The children are accepted as they are and as they choose to be.
  7. The project includes a personal product for every child – a personal album.

Work Process

  The process is implemented in groups of 5-6 children. Every group is supervised by its
       own volunteer photographer and group leader.

  The activity consists of about 12 two-hour sessions, once every two weeks for about half
       a year.
  At the end of the project, an exhibition is held for which the children select which
       photographs to display.


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