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The Guardianship Body
The Dvora Fischer Guardianship Body

The Guardianship Body

Eyal (15 years old) is a talented and intelligent boy who lives in a residential group home in central Israel. Eyal immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union about 5 years ago. Homeless, his mother wandered around the country and passed away. His father, who lives abroad, has no contact with Eyal.
                הגוף לאופטרופסות  
Despite the trauma he experienced, Eyal is succeeding in overcoming his difficult circumstances and is beginning to fit into the residential group home and regular school, where he is in eleventh grade.
Eyal is one of 45 young boys and girls included the Guardianship Body of Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children. This is the only guardianship body that does not draw money from the children's funds and is supported in its entirety by donations.
Irit Yerushalmi and Irit Kastan are the guardians on behalf of Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children. Both social workers, each woman is responsible for the welfare of 23 children. They manage the child's money and legal affairs but, most important, they serve as "mothers," maintaining close direct contact and seeing to the children's needs, from emotional and physical well-being to organizing educational and psychological diagnoses, paying for extracurricular activity, providing pocket money, school supplies and buying clothing, cosmetics and gifts for holidays and special occasions. They play a significant role in the lives of these children for many years, even after the guardianship period ends, at the age of 18.
The project is supported by the Dvora Fischer Foundation for Guardianship, the Friendship Foundation, the Kari Rechter Management Corporation and the businesswoman Yael Moritz.
Additional donations would enable more children to benefit from this unique service.


Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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