Project Description

Hosting Families

A “Hosting Family” is a family that is willing to accommodate for a prolonged and continuous period of time (at least a year) a child that lives and studies in a residential group home – an orphan or a child whose family can’t take care of and meet its needs. The child’s visits take place on weekends once a fortnight, during holidays and long vacations.
The “Hosting Family” offers the child the experience of a functioning family environment, love and warmth that he lacks so much. The family encourages the child and strengthens his self-esteem. It realizes his dream of family life that he so desperately needs. A child that visits regularly a hosting family, lives personal and familial experiences that are new to him and he can internalize the normative and beneficial ways of family life.

Requirement for the Hosting Family are as follows:

A significant parental figure, parenting experience, stable employment and accommodation, willingness and ability of all family members to take part in the process (the children of the hosting family play an important role in the success of the experience and the ability of the hosted child to integrate in the family and its environment); there is a need for an actual place, such as bed and a seat in the car; but most important is the understanding that the child will take part in the family activities and gatherings etc.

Is the relationship always successful?
The interaction between the child and the family doesn’t differ from any other interaction between people, and therefore sometime succeeds and other time not. However at “Yeladim- Fair Chance for Children” we believe that every child deserves a chance and has the right to a family; therefore we strive incessantly in collaboration with the staff of the residential group home to find a suitable family for each child.
Unfortunately, sometimes the relationship is unsuccessful for various reasons:Sometimes the child changes his mind as he feels he is betraying his biological family, if he has one, even if they are totally not functioning. Other times the hosting family decides to discontinue the hosting arrangement for her personal reasons, or the biological family opposes the continuation of the arrangement.
Do the children keep in touch with their biological families?
Some of the children have telephone contact or meet with one of the parents or a close relative (grandfather/grandmother/aunt/uncle), others are orphans and don’t have anybody with whom to be in touch with. The hosting family doesn’t have any contact with the biological family but receives basic information on the biological family, (after signing a confidentiality agreement).
A child that has a biological family can’t visit the hosting family without the biological family knowledge and consent.

What are the benefits of volunteering to be a “Hosting Family”?A fulfilling experience for each family member individually and as a whole. Feeling of outstanding mission and educating the young generation to give and share.

All along the acquaintance and hosting process, the hosting family” is accompanied by a professional that knows the child.
The hosting family is insured by the boarding school..

How to apply?A family that is interested in being a hosting family is invited to respond to an online questionnaire with the relevant information for us to determine if it meets the requirements for hosting.

After filling out the questionnaire and sending it to us, you will receive a letter confirming receipt. At this point you will be part of the families’ database. We will contact you when we will be looking for a family with your profile. Naturally we can’t know when we will approach you, it can be in a few weeks, months or in some cases we won’t approach you at all. It all depends if the family meets a child’s profile.

For further information you can contact Hadar Binyamin: