Project Description

Educational Resource Centers

Yeladim has been operating the Educational Resources Centers project for twenty years. The Educational Resources Centre provides the educational and therapeutic staff of the residential group homes with information and ideas for the many activities that can take place at home. The center provides staff with tools to help mediate between the child and the world, help the child acquire social skills, self esteem, and enriching childhood experiences.

There are 60 educational resources centers in residential group homes country wide. Among them 17 are located in residential group homes serving 1,500 children at risk in the Arab sector.

In addition to the establishment of resources centers in group homes, and the training of their staff, our National Educational Resources Center operates a professional website, containing more than 3000 files which are categorized by subjects such as:  game kits, educational worksheets, stories and more.  The site also includes enrichment materials on arts and culture: repertoires containing dozens of performances in theater, dance, music and enrichment workshops.  About a third of the materials on the site have been translated into Arabic. The site is dynamic and fresh, it enjoys approximately 224 000 unique hits per year. Other than the Residential Group Homes, its users are education professionals worldwide: schools, teacher training seminars, day clubs, youth groups and more.