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Educational Resource Centers
Educational Resource Centers

Children learn a great deal from activities and frameworks outside the formal school setting. Consider, for example, how much is learned from informal activities between children and parents. It is generally parents who open up new worlds to discover and explore. Through their eyes, children come to understand and see the world out “there”.

In settings that are entirely informal, such as at the dinner table, or in every day contact with parents and family, children learn about the social and cultural milieu in which they live.
   מרכזיות חינוכיות ילדים בסיכוי   
The National Education Center of
" Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children"
at the "Achuzat Sarah" residential
group home in Bnei Brak

Most of us take for granted this informal learning which shapes and forms our very being. But most children living in residential group homes have been deprived of this informal, parental enrichment. They are the products of dysfunctional families, and the conceptual world these children inhabit is strikingly narrow and two-dimensional. Once school is over, an afternoon of activity could mean several hours in front of the TV set.

One of the main goals of Yeladim- the Council for the Child in Placement is to improve the quality of life for children living in residential group homes. Soon after the Council was founded in 1986, it established a national Educational Enrichment Activities Center which began to produce activity kits for children after school hours. Child care workers from group homes around the country were invited to the Center in order to learn about activities for the children in their care, and to bring activity kits back with them for the children’s enrichment. Gradually, Educational Enrichment Centers were established in many of the group homes.

The activities in the kits include a wide variety of stimulating activities, games, group discussions, video films, songs, stories and crossword puzzles. These are only a few of the resources used to extend the child’s conceptual world, familiarizing him or her with a wide range of matters, including social issues relevant to group homes, cultural values, holidays and tradition.

The national enrichment center supports the activities of the individual centers. In addition to developing and providing resource materials, the national center acts to professionally guide, consult and train the child-care workers from the local centers. This is of particular importance since many of the child-care workers are young and lack experience. At the national center, these young workers learn to interact and work with the children they are responsible for.

The program, which is operating in 25 group homes around the country, embraces some two thousand children. Reports from the group homes have established firmly that the children who participate are involved in far more constructive activities during their free time and display true progress in developing their personal resources and conceptual worlds.


The National Educational Resource Center, 24 Kalisher St., Bnei Brak, ISRAEL
For information, call Aliza Bar, +972-3-5780435
Educational Center website (in Hebrew): http://www.yeladim-edu.org.il

Yeladim - Fair Chance For Children - Harugey Malchut 11, Tel Aviv 69714, ISRAEL
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